Simon is a lovely little gelding! He's got a very friendly personality! Looking good, lots of bone, straight legs and a lovely babydoll head! He's a halfbrother to our Fever. His sire is N&D's Lonestar Rowdy
as well. We can't wait to see how he'll look in a few years!!

DOB 6-7-2018
V.N.E.  A.D.M.S registered 

           dark grey
ADMS Pedigree
            Mini Donkeys
                       bred with brains

N&D Lonestar Rowdy
27.5 brown/white spot

GP Oscar's Lonestar Luke
29 grey/white spot
GP Oscar
26.5 gray-dun
GP Bernice
29.5 grey/white spot

Gee Haw's Rose Petal
27.75 gray-dun
Someday's Cadillac Jack
27 gray-dun
Gee Haw's Morning Rose
32.5 gray-dun

Heiken's Ark HoneyLB
30 black/white spot

Lua Maxx Little Buckaroo
30.75 black
Spotted Acres Maxx
32.5 black NLP
Lua Maxx
Memorial Days Angel
31.5 brown

Heikens Ark Heidi
30.25 brown/white spot
Heikens Ark Top Gun
29 blackbrown
GP Hilda Jean
32.5 grey/white spot